Upcoming Events

Mazel Tov Rabbi Gabi & Rebbetzin Mushka!

Sunday 14 July was a truly wonderful day in ARK Centre history as we celebrated the formal induction of Rabbi Gabi and Rebbetzin Mushka. Our…

Sunday 14 July

August Shabbaton

SATURDAY 17 August We are pleased to welcome our community to another wonderful Shabbaton On… Saturday 17 August

Guest Speaker: Viv Nguyen

On Friday 6 September we are pleased to host Viv Nyuyen at our Kabbalat Shabbat… Friday 6 September

Youth Shabbat

We are pleased to welcome our community to a series of Youth Shabbatot These services… Saturday 14 September

Intro to Davening

Would you like to be more familiar with the prayers and shul services over Rosh… 25 September 2019

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