Upcoming Events

Opionion Piece – August 2017

UNITY, NOT UNIFORMITY Those in the position of authority on any level, in any matter, must represent their constituents in accordance with applicable legal and…


ARK Centre Statement on Same Sex Marriage

Response to the RCV: As an Orthodox Jewish Community Centre ARK Centre rejects the recent… READ NOW

Yamim Noraim at ARK Centre

Each year the services at ARK Centre gain not just in attendees but in meaning… From 20 September 2017

Yamim Noraim Youth Program

We're so excited about our Yom Tov Youth Program. First and Second Day Rosh Hashanah… Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur

Sukkot Young Adults BBQ

Join Rabbi Gabi and Mushka for a chilled BBQ on 2nd night Sukkot. Thursday 5th… Thursday 5th October

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