Ark Catering

Chef Daniel Woltema, who joined ARK Centre in January 2016, has taken Shabbat kiddushim and event catering to a whole new level. Dan was born in Israel to Dutch parents who made their life on a kibbutz in Northern Israel after making Aliyah. Dan’s first job as a 12 year old was a little boy’s dream come true – he was a cowboy and spent many years astride his horse tending to the cattle.

He and his older brother decided to move to Holland to meet the rest of their family and to experience a different culture. It was in Holland that Dan first stepped into the kitchen. As a kibbutznik and a cowboy, Dan had almost no knowledge of cooking, but in his first restaurant job, when asked if he could cook pasta, he enthusiastically replied, “Yes, how do I do that?” His enthusiasm took him far as he learned from the ground up, from washing dishes to becoming a chef in a high-end European restaurant.

Dan’s quest for adventure then took him around Australia on a motorbike, where he quickly fell in love with the country and decided to stay and to study to be a chef in Sydney. His career since then has taken him through many different kitchens in Australia, Europe and Israel.

ARK Centre is delighted to have Dan running ARK Catering. His delicious food has delighted all those who have attended Shule services and other events since January. His vision is to update the typical ‘Jewish food menu’ with fresh and interesting dishes. He is building on his experience gained in kitchens around the world, and is bringing fresh Mediterranean flavours melded with traditional European favourites.

Dan is passionate about making food that is visually appealing, healthy and, of course, tasty.