ARK Catering – Shabbat & Yom Tov Meals

Enjoy ARK Catering at home for Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, to Break the Fast & More. What could be easier?!

One very happy customer thanked their parents for sending all their family households a shabbat box in the one week – all eating the same meal, albeit at different locations.  What a great idea so “share” a virtual meal!

Shabbat Boxes – new menu each week. Premium Box $75 for two people. Basic Box $55 for two people. Plenty of options and added extras available as well. See our socials on Monday afternoons for the menu each week. See flyer below for ordering info & deli menu.

Rosh Hashanah Box – SOLD OUT!

Yom Kippur: Breaking the Fast Box – Deliveries taking place on Sunday 27 September. The menu will be in our newsletter on Thursday 17 September & on our social media pages on Monday 21 September. Orders close Thursday 12pm.

Yom Tov Boxes – see flyer below for delivery dates. Menus will be released via the ARK Centre newsletter, ARK Catering newsletter and on our socials (scroll down for links to our Facebook & Instagram pages)

For all enquiries and orders please email Chef Dan at

Meat and Vegetarian / Vegan options are available for all menus.



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