Communal 2nd Night Pesach Seder

Saturday 31st March

6:45pm (for a 7:00pm start) – 10:30pm

Our Seder has become known for being engaging and involving, delicious (yes – Chef Dan creates a mouth watering Pesach meal), fun for all ages (with fun activities and supervision for the kids)…and not too long!

Participating in the Seder

Adults and children alike are invited to participate in the following ways…

  • Read a section of the Haggadah
  • Sing songs…of course we’ll all do that together and song sheets are provided

If you, or any member of your family are inclined to participate please indicate that when you book and the ARK Centre team will be in touch with details in plenty of time for you to prepare. We generally send out a copy of the section of the Haggadah you’ve been allocated to read /sing / talk about and, where applicable, some additional information to assist in preparing a brief explanation.

Kitniyot Option

We have provided the option for Kitniyot which will be provided depending on demand. What are Kitniyot? Among Ashkenazi Jews, the custom (minhag) during Pesach is to refrain from not only products of the five grains but also other grains and legumes. Sephardi Jews, however, do eat some of these grains and legumes over Pesach. While it varies from community to community generally kitniyot includes rice, peas, lentils, corn and beans. If you would like Kitniyot included in your Seder meal please indicate when booking.

Booking Information

In the booking form we have asked for some specific information to be completed…

  • Participating in the Seder…for each member of your party
  • Ages and gender of children….this helps use with planning in general and also when determining what would be appropriate for the children to read / sing / explain during the Seder if they choose to participate.
  • Kitniyot…as above….please note we’ll only provide a Kitniyot option if there’s sufficient demand
  • Dietary restrictions…please let us know if anyone has alergies

Ticket Prices (unchanged from 2017!)

To book click here

Member Prices:

Adults: $95

Children aged 5 – 12: $45

Infants under 4: Free

Non-Member Prices:

Adults: $105

Children aged 5 – 12: $55

Infants under 4: Free