Friday Night Live

Friday afternoons 

Our Kabbalat Shabbat live feed on Facebook has proved not only popular, but also has been a great way for our community to wish each other Shabbat Shalom via the comments in real-time on the videos.

Certainly not a replacement for the face-to-face “Good Shabbos” that we are used to at the Centre with a Whisky and kiddush, but a great temporary measure.

And for those of us missing the inside of the Shul, you can almost feel like you’re there (Although Rabbi Gabi is sometimes obstructing the famous Red Clock!)

Go to Facebook and like our page, then get the notifications each week when our “live” feed is about to start.

Times do vary as we are emerging out of the Wintry darkness and heading back to our regular weekly start time. Check the newsletter for start times. In August it’s 5:00pm.

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