Purim 2018 @ ARK Centre….LOADS of Fantastic Events!

In 2018 Purim is going to be exactly what it is meant to be…celebrations, reflections and a lot of fun!

Wednesday 28 February (Ta’anit Esther):

8:00om Talk by Susie Ivany fro Unchain My Heart on Agunot
8:30pm Maariv followed by the Megillah reading & refreshements to break the fast

Thursday 1 March (Purim):
6:00pm Megilah reading
7:30pm PARTY for the over 25s – $45 per person, food, drink, music and lot of fun included. To book click here

Friday 2 March:
5:00pm African Drumming Workshop & Craft Activities
6:00pm Kiddush / family-friendly dinner
6:20pm Service commences
PLUS Guest speaker, Anat Yahalom, from ZDVO during the service

For more information on any of the above please contact the office via office@arkcentre.com.au